Affiliate Program

Now you can make money selling Dream Aquarium! Our affiliate program makes it easy to generate revenue, simply by adding a link to from your website, blog, forum posts, even your emails! If someone follows your link and ends up purchasing Dream Aquarium, you will receive a $2.50 commission. By now you know that Dream Aquarium has 'wow' factor, and this means a relatively high percentage of clicks-throughs turn into sales. Our users' word-of-mouth has always been our best advertising, and finally here's a way you can make money by helping spreading the word! It costs nothing to get started, and you can start right away. Here's how it works:

1. Sign up.
2. Links to us.
3. Get Paid.


Registering is easy. We just need some basic information and the email address for a PayPal account (to deposit your money to). After registering you will be emailed an affiliate code which will allow us to track your incoming links and any sales associated with them.


By linking to DreamAquarium from your webpage, blog, forum posts, emails, you can generate sales. Create Google Adwords campaigns. Promote it any way you want. You can add a clickable graphic to the bottom of your emails or place them like banner ads in your website or posts. Here's an example:

Links would be in the following format:

where '001' would be replace by your individual affiliate code. It's that easy! Our online monitor lets you check out how many references you've sent us, how many have converted to sales, and how much money we owe you! It's so simple and you can get started right away!


Currently payments will only be sent to PayPal accounts (free to set up, visit The commission rate is $2.50 per sale. Payments will be made during the last week of every month if you are owed over $100. We do not find spamming acceptable practice and will cancel any affiliate account found to be sending bulk emails. Please read our Affiliate Agreement for more information.

Get Started

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