Order Issues

1. I ordered but haven't received my serial number.
Be sure to check your junk mail folder as the serial number email can sometimes end up there. If you would like your serial number to be re-sent, please click here. If you still don't receive it, it could be that your ISP is blocking emails from our automated server. In this case, please send us an email and include the email address you used to register.

2. I've lost my email and have had to reinstall my operating system. How can i get my serial number back?
You can have your serial number re-sent to your registered email address by clicking here.

3. I can't get to the page where i enter my serial number. I pressed 'enter' then selected 'Enter Serial Number' but the aquarium just quit.
If this happened it's likely that your system's protection is preventing the serial number process from being run. In this case, you can start the serial entry program by running it from the Windows START menu (START / All Programs / Dream Aquarium / Enter Serial Number ). In this case you may also experience problem #5.

4. I entered my serial number and it said it was 'Invalid'
This generally means the serial number was entered incorrectly. Copying/Pasting is the preferred method. Dream Aquarium's serial numbers are case-sensitive which means it matters whether or not the letters are capitals or lower-case. Serial numbers should look like a garble of random characters. If your serial number contains text or some kind of message, it may not have been generated correctly. In this case please send us an email.

5. I entered my serial number and it said "Thank-you. Dream Aquarium is now unlocked." but I still only have the trial version.
Dream Aquarium requires an internet connection to download the files for the full version. Occasionally firewalls and proxy servers may hamper this process. If the download process (you'll see a progress bar) never starts or stops part-way through, try pressing the "Alternate Activation Method" button below where you enter your serial. Be sure to leave the serial number field empty when you do this. It should launch an Internet Explorer and give you further instructions. If not, reinstalling will likely fix the problem. If neither the 'alternate activation method' nor reinstalling works, go to www.dreamaquarium.com/activate.html. If that still doesn't work, please send us an email.

6. How can I get the full version running on a computer with no internet access?
Click here for more info.

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