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-Can I try Dream Aquarium for free? Tell me about the trial version.

We strongly encourage you to try the trial version before considering a purchase in order to make sure it performs well on your machine. The trial version's performance and most features are identical to the full version except for a few limitations. There are NO pesky toolbars, adware or any other crap built into our installer, so there is no risk to your computer. We are in the digital aquarium business and we believe our product's quality speaks for itself. You can download the trial version here

-My Dream Aquarium isn't working properly.

We recommend as a first step to make sure you're using the latest version. To download the latest click here.
For troublshooting, please see our troubleshooting page

-What features are unlocked in the full version?

The trial version has pop-up facts & info, has a limited number of species of fish available, and only certain amounts of each species can be added. It does not allow changes to your tanks to be saved, and as it cycles through the tanks (every minute) it ends up on a black tank with only 2 fish. It also keeps a logo on the bottom of the screen. The full version has these limitations removed. You'll get all these species available:

For our purchase page click here

-Are there extra fish or tanks available for Dream Aquarium?

The full version of Dream Aquarium comes with 26 species of fish, and the same tank selection as in the trial version. We do offer 'creature packs' to expand the selection of fish, available for separate purchase at our store. We do not yet have extra tanks for sale but are planning to sell them in our store in the future.

-Will my license expire? Is this a one-time fee?

The purchase price of Dream Aquarium is a one-time fee and your license will not expire. It includes free updates for version 1.x

-Is it possible to purchase Dream Aquarium on CD?

Sorry, Dream Aquarium is only available as a download. This is a choice both for environmental reasons and to reduce piracy (the full version requires additional files to be downloaded directly from our server)

-Does my computer need to be on the internet to run Dream Aquarium?

To activate, Dream Aquarium requires an internet connects so it can download the full version files. To reduce piracy, our trial version no longer contains all the files necessary for the full version of Dream Aquarium. When your serial number is entered, additional files will automatically be downloaded from our site and installed. Because of this, we require the computer(s) you are installing on to be connected to the internet. However, after the initial installation you no will longer need to be internet-connected for Dream Aquarium to work.

-Do I need to have the full version of Dream Aquarium to purchase creature packs?

Yes, the creature packs are add-ons to the full version. You can purchase here

-I would like to know more about creature packs and add-ons

Creature Packs and add-ons are ways to purchase extra items to use within Dream Aquarium. Currently we offer extra fish species available for purchase, usually in packs of 5. To see what's available, please check out our store.

-Can the same serial number be used on both mac and PC?

Yes, the same serial number will work on either platform. There is no need to purchase an OS-specific license

-Do I get free upgrades?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of updates you can do. Your license will be good throughout the 1.xx series of Dream Aquarium releases, so there's no disadvantage to purchasing sooner rather than later. Dream Aquarium 2 will require an upgrade fee, but currently we anticipate this is a ways into the future.

-How can I get the latest update?

You have two options:

a) Re-download the trial installer. This is the more extreme option but if you're having some difficulty with your current install we definitely recommend this. We recommend uninstalling what you have before reinstalling. If you're a full version user you will automatically be re-upgraded to the full version when it installs. Dream Aquarium will remember your tank setups so you won't lose your settings. To get the latest installer click here.

b) Do an update using our updater
ON WINDOWS: Click on your Window START button and choose "All Programs" -> "Dream Aquarium" -> "Check for Updates"

ON MAC: Open your Sytem Preference and choose Desktop & Screen Saver. With Dream Aquarium selected, press the Settings (or Options) button and then "Check for Updates"

-I have several computers at home, and I'd like to have Dream Aquarium on all of them. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses?

Officially a Dream Aquarium license is only valid for a single computer. That being said you won't be prevented from installing on multiple machines, but our official policy is that you should only run it on one machine at a time.

-Can i give my serial number out to friends?

No, if you give out your serial number you run the risk of having it spread beyond your control. Your serial number has your email address encoded within it. This means that if someone using your license sends us an error report, we end up sending responses to your email address. As well, other users may pose as you and take control of your license by changing the email address associated with it. If a serial number becomes flagged as having been used on too many computers, we reserve the right to cancel that license and it will no longer work in future updates.

-Do you offer telephone support?

Sorry, at the current time we do not offer over-the-phone support but do offer support by email, found in our 'contact' section. If you're having problems, a good place to start is our troubleshooting page

-I'd like to give a license as a gift. How do I do that?

You can purchase a license for a friend or family member easily. Click here.

-Can Dream Aquarium be used as an active desktop?

Not currently, and it is not in our current plan to implement this.

-Are there plans for a marine aquarium?

Yes, but likely not until version 2.0 which may not be for a while.

-Does the aquarium work in multiple-monitor mode?

Yes, Dream Aquarium supports multiple monitors, and single tanks displayed across monitors, but currently we don't have an extra-wide tank. The best thing to do is download the trial version and see how it works on your computer.

-Is Dream Aquarium available as video on DVD or Blu-Ray?

Sorry, we do not have a video version of Dream Aquarium. It is offered only as software.

-Will Dream Aquarium run as an app on my fancy new TV?

Dream Aquarium requires a computer (either PC or Mac) in order to run, and will not run natively on newer TVs. It would require a video connection between your computer and TV - essentially you would use your TV as a computer monitor.

-Is there an instruction manual for Dream Aquarium?

Unfortunately we don't yet have an official users manual. To adjust most settings press ENTER when the aquarium is running. To take a brief tour and learn a few features, you can press the 't' key when Dream Aquarium is running.

-Is there a discussion forum for Dream Aquarium?

Yes, if you'd like to give feedback and join the discussion, we encourage you to visit our forum.

Question not answered? Please contact us

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