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Give Dream Aquarium as a Gift!

It's simple, and they have their gift in only a few minutes - there is nothing to be snail-mailed! Great for last-second purchases. Here's How:

   Purchase a license of Dream Aquarium normally. You will receive an email from us.

   At the very bottom of the serial number email is a link you can follow, which will present you with a gift-giving form. This allows you to give your serial number to someone else.

   Fill out the form with the recipient's name, email address, and a simple message to be included with your gift. An email will automatically be sent informing them they have received a gift from you! Done!

Please note that Dream Aquarium may not work with older or slower machines, so be sure only to send as a gift if you know the recipient has a modern computer. If it's a member of your family, you could secretly try our trial version on the machine - just don't forget to uninstall it after! Regardless, if the program doesn't work to their satisfaction, just contact us and we will refund your purchase. There is no risk!

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Please note: Dream Aquarium will require an internet connection to download additional full-version files.
If you experience problems, see our purchase FAQ.

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