Check out some email we've received from our fans...

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful screen saver in Dream Aquarium. I'm a huge fan! I purchased it a couple of years ago, and it still amazes me and is a joy to watch... :)

- Dien, Sugar Land, TX

All my family are very impressed, and watching the fish has been very therapeutic for us during a period of family stress when our son was in hospital. It is certainly the most perfect 'virtual reality' product I have ever seen. I wish you all the best for continuing to offer this gift to mankind!

- Phil, Perth, Australia

Dream Aquarium is stunning--it's so good that I half think it's alien technology from the future. I count some of the best moments of my day just staring at my school of neon tetras. I went to a pet store to see real fish but decided they weren't "vibrant" enough! Just an amazing product--thank you.

- Paul, San Mateo, CA

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Got it at home a few days ago and set it up at work today - every one is jealous...

- Katy, Sandy Hook, CT

In 13 Years at the Computer i would never have thought that i would once BUY a SCREENSAVER. But i actually did!

- Thorsten, Bielefeld, Germany

Wow...just wow...i mean... i love it. cant have a fishtank anymore in new apartment. Just like old times. i can even feed em.

-Loppadawg69, CA

I canít think of anything I ever paid twenty bucks for thatís better. THANK YOU!

- Dennis, Belmar, NJ

This flash is crunk fo' shizzle!      (editor's note: we can only assume this is good)

-Kier, Hampshire UK

One word, three letters: WOW
..and I haven't said that word in a long long time :)

-Swordfish (online)

I spend roughly five to six hours weekly maintaing my aquarium (yours requires a bit less effort)and the water quality in your aquarium is marginally better than mine. I have since shared Dream Aquarium with other aquarists: without exception, the response is nothing less than awe. My deepest thanks on a flawless product.

- Alan, Roslyn, NY

Iīve just received my serialnumber. This is G R E A T stuff. This is the best money i have given out in a L O N G time. In fact your aquarium is so good, that iīll sell my real one!

- Karsten, Tilst, Denmark

I bought the dream aquarium last week and love it! It's so real I can't understand how you guys created this. Good Work!

- David

I wish to thank you for an outstanding piece of work. I downloaded your trail version of Dream Aquarium and was so impressed I had to have the full version. You just saved me several hundred dollars on a real aquarium. This is a great stress reliever. Thanks again.

- Sandra

I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thanks" for making such a great screensaver! I couldn't believe that such a great screensaver was only $20.

- Darren

Undoubtedly the best screen saver made. I know they are no longer really required, but can spend hours watching this one. Beats the hell out of the current TV offerings. Thanks again.

- Dallas

Hi you guys.......I gotta tell you that your Dream Aquarium is without a doubt the most beautiful piece of software I have ever seen! As soon as I used it for a few minutes, I bought it. (Only problem I have noticed is a slight leak but it's probably my monitor)

- Steve

I have purchased your Dream Aquarium it is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen I am a pensioner and i am disabled so i cant get out much i sit and look at the fish all day. It is the best thing that i have purchased on the P.C.thank you so much.

- Brian

I just wanted to let you guys know that your aquarium screen saver is simply amazing. Iím a very picky guy, and I researched the hell out of finding something that caught my eye. Then one night I did a last and final search of the Internet, and thatís when I stumbled onto your site. I was amazed, simply amazed. I just couldnít believe the work you guys have done. I downloaded the trial and starred at this thing for a long time. I just couldnít believe what I was looking at. I ordered it the next morning and dropped the thing on my home PC and my laptop. I love what you did and just wanted to let you know that there are people who can appreciate excellent work like this. Thank you so much for putting it out there. Itís just awesome.

- George

You have an excellent product, and I not only have enjoyed buying it for my friends, but I am proud to be able to recommend such a fantastic work of art. You have done a beautiful job with this product. It has brought to me personally many hours of viewing pleasure. And, the fish swim happier once they are fed.

- Jim

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