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-Can I try Dream Aquarium for free? Tell me about the trial version.

-My Dream Aquarium isn't working properly.

-What features are unlocked in the full version?

-Are there extra fish or tanks available for Dream Aquarium?

The full version of Dream Aquarium comes with 26 species of fish, and the same tank selection as in the trial version. We do offer 'creature packs' to expand the selection of fish, available for separate purchase at our store. We do not yet have extra tanks for sale but are planning to sell them in our store in the future.

-Will my license expire? Is this a one-time fee?

-Is it possible to purchase Dream Aquarium on CD?

-Does my computer need to be on the internet to run Dream Aquarium?

-Do I need to have the full version of Dream Aquarium to purchase creature packs?

-I would like to know more about creature packs and add-ons

-Can the same serial number be used on both mac and PC?

-Do I get free upgrades?

-How can I get the latest update?

-I have several computers at home, and I'd like to have Dream Aquarium on all of them. Do I need to purchase multiple licenses?

-Can i give my serial number out to friends?

-Do you offer telephone support?

-I'd like to give a license as a gift. How do I do that?

-Can Dream Aquarium be used as an active desktop?

-Are there plans for a marine aquarium?

-Does the aquarium work in multiple-monitor mode?

-Is Dream Aquarium available as video on DVD or Blu-Ray?

-Will Dream Aquarium run as an app on my fancy new TV?

-Is there an instruction manual for Dream Aquarium?

-Is there a discussion forum for Dream Aquarium?

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